Set up fees

Just text: $5-$10
logo: $20-$35

*Set up fees depend on complexity. Pricing will be determined once image is digitized.
*Set up fees are a one time cost. We keep your logo for future orders.


$7.50 for up to 7,500 stitches (per piece of apparel)
ADD $1.00 per 1,000 stitches after 7,500 stitches

*Stitch count is determined once logo/text is digitized.

Other fees

color changes:

up to 3 color changes  (2-4 colors total)
ADD $2.00 to initial embroidery pricing

up to 4-7 color changes (5-8 colors total)
ADD $4.00 to embroidery pricing

*Color change fees are added to each piece of apparel that receives a change of thread color(s).